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Trip to the Moon, A (1902)

A Trip to the Moon (or Voyage to the Moon) is a 1902 French science fiction short and is loosely based on two huge popular books of that era which were H. G. Well’s The First Men in the Moon and From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne. The film was written and directed by […]


Ordet (1955)

Ordet, which means ‘The Word’ in English, is not only one of the greatest films ever made, but one of the most spiritual films I have ever witnessed. It was directed by the legendary Danish director Carl Theodor Dreyer, who is considered one of the great masters in the art form of the cinema, and like […]


Strike (1925)

“The strength of the working class is organization. Without organization of the masses, the proletarian is nothing. Organized it is everything. Being organized means unity of action, unity of practical activity.” 1925’s Strike was legendary director Sergei Eisenstein’s first full-length feature film, and he would go on to make his masterpiece The Battleship Potemkin later that year. […]