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Un Chien Andalou (1929)

Within the world of artistry, tapping into the dreams and the unconscious mind have always been a fascinating theme to interpret and explore, and some of the great artists focus a lot of their ideas and theories in trying to understand the illogical mysteries of the conscious and unconscious. The great Spanish director Luis Bunuel once was asked what […]


Spirit of the Beehive, The (1973)

The film opens in the year 1940 in a small isolated Spanish village on the Castilian plateau, as a ramshackle truck arrives as the village’s children scamper around it shouting, “The movies coming! The movies coming!” A screen and projector are set up within the public hall, as children and adults gather together to see the James […]


Exterminating Angel, The (1962)

Luis Bunuel’s The Exterminating Angel is a cynical and macabre satire on the slow and deteriorating breakdown of human civilization, as Bunuel takes several wealthy bourgeois guests and purposely traps them all in an over populated room, which is similar to using mice to conduct a social experiment. At first these guests stay civilized, level-headed and continue using […]


Viridiana (1961)

There is always one young child like Luis Bunuel in every Sunday school class, a child who acts mischievous and pulls pranks on their religious teachers. They aren’t necessarily a bad child, they just enjoy pointing out the absurdities in the most serious of subject matters. Right in the opening title shots of Bunuel’s greatest masterpiece Viridiana, you hear Handel’s classic […]

El cuarto de las letras Lap Book Happy Reading Happy Learning Spanish ExLibrary
el cuarto de las letras lap book happy reading happy learning spanish exlibrary
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Los Nietos Nos Miran LA Abuelitud a Fines De Milenio Spanish Edition ExLibrary
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Los Cinco Se Divierten the Five Fall into Adventure Spanish Edition ExLibrary
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Modelos de vida en la Espana del Siglo de Oro Tomo II El sabio y el ExLibrary
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La revolucin traicionada Qu es y adnde se dirige la Unin Soviti ExLibrary
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The Spanish Archives of New Mexico Volume One Softcover by Ralph Emerson Twit
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The Spanish Archives of New Mexico Volume Two Softcover by Ralph Emerson Twit
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Poemas Sueltos by Rosalia de Castro Paperback Book Spanish
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