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Eyes Without a Face (1959)

In Georges Franju’s horror classic Eyes Without a Face there is one key scene that will have you gasp with shock and horror, and when it happens you’ll know exactly what scene I am speaking about. When this film opened in 1960 according to L’ Express, “The spectators dropped like flies,” and when premiering at the Edinburgh Film Festival […]


Solaris (1972)

Along with the artists of Ingmar Bergman, Carl Dreyer, Robert Bresson and Yasujiro Ozu; the great Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky was an artist that sculpted and created his own universe for himself and himself only. Tarkovsky is one of the most difficult directors to grasp, as he had a profound undercurrent of spirituality and consciously embodied […]


Amarcord (1973)

If there ever was a film that was made entirely out of nostalgia, joy and straight from the heart it would have to be Federico Fellini’s Amarcord, which was the winner of the Foreign Language Oscar in 1973 and considered by many to be Fellini’s last ‘great film.’ Amarcord means ‘I remember’ which is in the dialect of Rimini […]


Day for Night (1973)

“This film is dedicated to Lillian and Dorothy Gish.” Day For Night is Francois Truffaut’s touching and sweet love letter to the creation of movie making and is one of the most magical experiences of watching a movie about a movie being made. The film chronicles the ups and downs on a film production titled Meet Pamela, which takes […]


Blue Angel, The (1930)

Josef von Sternberg’s The Blue Angel is one of the most provocative, risqué and taboo-sexual oriented German films of the early 30s. Not only is the film known for being the first major German sound film but also the film that brought the beautiful and legendary actress Marlene Dietrich into international stardom. The Blue Angel portrays all […]

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