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Battle of Algiers, The (1966)

“Isn’t it cowardly to use your women’s baskets to carry bombs, which have taken so many innocent lives? “Isn’t it even more cowardly to attack defenseless villages with napalm bombs that kill many thousands of times more? Obviously, planes would make things easier for us. Give us your bombers, sir, and you can have our […]


Reuniting with Mother


Rules of the Game, The (1939)

By February 1939 war was brewing near and a feeling of doom was hanging over Europe. The great French director Jean Renoir anticipated for war and troubled by it, he created a remarkable comedy of manners, an absurd comic farce that ends in tragedy. A total box-office failure in 1939, Jean Renoirs The Rules of the Game is now […]


Beauty and the Beast (1946)

“Children believe what we tell them. They have complete faith in us. They believe that a rose plucked from a garden can plunge a family into conflict. They believe that the hands of a human beast will smoke when he slays a victim and that this will cause the beast shame, when a young maiden […]


8½ (1963)

“In the case of 8 ½, something happened to me which I had feared could happen, but when it did, it was more terrible than I could ever have imagined. I suffered director’s block, like writer’s block. I had a waiting for me to make a film. What they didn’t know was that the film […]

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